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Workout Sessions

Protege99 Academy offers workout sessions to keep athletes in shape all year round. We conduct group and individual training to meet the needs of the players.

Our main focus is on fitness. Athletes play their best when they’re in shape. It’s hard to perform at the highest level if you’re tired, lack strength or are just out of shape. It’s essential that players are fit and can maintain their endurance throughout game play.

We understand that strength and conditioning drills are a large part of what players utilize to prepare for football season. Protege99’s approach places an emphasis on developing building blocks of the fundamentals that gives a good football player skills that can easily transfer from one team to the next.

Conditioning is not just about training the body, but making mentally tough athletes. Players learn about the game of football and some important life lessons. By breaking down the bigger game into each of the individual components makes it easier for athletes to succeed.

Our workout sessions boost the transformation phase of an athlete’s skill level. A player’s off season is when you push harder, focusing on the renewal of mind and body, transforming yourself and to become the best player you can be. It’s part of the process when improving on technique and fundamentals. Protege99 develops the discipline needed to give great effort with fast tempo and good finishes. To be the best player you have to be the hardest worker and a leader of the team.

We offer a free workout evaluation to get a preview of your athlete’s football knowledge and skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an elite athlete, Protege99 has developed training programs for all levels.

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Training Packages

  • Individual session $25
  • 3 sessions $75
  • 6 sessions $150
  • 9 sessions $225
  • 12 sessions $300

Payment options

$75 per week

$150 split pay (first workout / last workout)

$300 full pay

What They Say...

"The training sessions with D LLoyd have been pivotal in my son's football career. He has prospered and developed as a young man and a player."

J. Moore Parent - Charlotte, NC

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Get started todaywith free workout evaluation!

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© Protege99 Academy, INC.
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