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Football Camps

It is our desire that players who experience a Protege99 Football Camp discover the value of setting goals and the thrill of attaining goals; the encouragement of having their accomplishments recognized and celebrated; and the importance of good sportsmanship, responsibility, and perseverance.

Our program is offered to boys between the ages of 8‐17 years. Participants are divided into smaller groups and coached through basic drills. After basic drills, groups rotate through core workout stations.

A general daily schedule includes warm ups, group circuit, individual work, group work, cool downs, media training, and workshops. The camp schedule covers conditioning, individual position skill sets, group work, and team skills.

football camps

Protege99 offers a variety of camps and clinics for all skill levels. Camps are instructed by Protégé 99 Academy coaches who are former college and professional players.

These unique programs provides an emphasis on teamwork, encouragement of one another, and student affirmation of positive efforts. The camp is offered with a scholarship component for those players who have been selected by their coaches, and acts as both an incentive and a reward.

The clinics themselves enable us to affirm and encourage the students; to involve them in activities that build leadership skills on and off the field; to communicate the importance of staying physically active; and to bolster the confidence of students as they participate in drills and do so with success.



Affirm, encourage and build. Success is found in many places including our camp. We strive to create a complete wellness experience that gives leadership, communication, and confidence a spotlight. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, encouraging one another, and affirming the students in their efforts and abilities.

The clinics provide the opportunity to affirm and encourage. We communicate the importance of staying physically active and practicing to improve their talent. Additional training includes interpersonal skills, personal development training, and other relevant training.

We have also have a partnership with Wells Fargo to help teach a course on financial skills such as budget, investing, and personal finances.


Our workshops focus on these topics and more...

  • How to Establish and Attain Healthy Goals
  • Learn the Importance of Making Positive Choices
  • Giving Back to the Community Through Service
  • The Value of Engaging in Physical Activities on a Regular Basis
Media Training

Media Training

During Media training sessions, you can expect on an off the field interviews, tailored lessons on how to conduct an interview, how to public speak, and interact with a particular media platform with practical scenarios.

This can include working with cameras, editing training, mock interviews, and live on the spot interviews.

Community Service

Commmunity Service...

  • Working events
  • Providing families with care packages
  • 25 hours of community service per quarter
Community Service


It is our desire that each child who attends our clinics is aware of the fact that we are celebrating their efforts, cheering on their accomplishments, and encouraging them to become a well‐rounded leader and sportsman. Our hope is that this investment will contribute to the realization of success in their life.

The Protege99 Football Camp is offered with a scholarship component for those players who have been selected by their coaches, and acts as both an incentive and a reward. Throughout the duration of the camp, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the students; encourage their efforts; cheer their successes at the drills and games; and promote physical activity.


In addition, High School athletes will be involved in media interviews, film study training and media training development. These sessions will teach and guide them to speak in front of the camera and build their confidence.

What They Say...

"The training sessions with D LLoyd have been pivotal in my son's football career. He has prospered and developed as a young man and a player."

J. Moore Parent - Charlotte, NC
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